Film studies

Please explain.

Write six type-written, double-spaced pages on one of the prompts below using several sources from the syllabus through this week, including the books, articles, films and our discussions. Cite any quoted text with author and page in parentheses, (e.g., Cooper, p.105 or “Casablanca”, etc. or “Class Notes, date”) immediately after the quote or reference. Do not cite “Class Notes” more than twice in your exam. Exams are due back to me electronically on Wednesday October 5, 2022 by 8:00 p.m.
1. Please compare and contrast the Muscogee Busk its design and purpose as a symbolic event and narrative, to the symbolic myth and structure of the American Western as presented in Cooper’s The Pioneers. One could argue that both employ symbolic oppositional conflicts, yet may be very different in intent and outcome. Please explain.
2. D.H. Lawrence’s notion of “wish fulfillment” can be viewed as Cooper’s remedy for cultural trauma, and perhaps the only means to create a myth of social reconciliation in the racially diverse and stratified society in America. Why do you think wish-fulfillment worked effectively in Cooper’s narrative myth in The Pioneers for the American public? Please explain.

You can use all the materials presented to date in the class including the film clips we have seen and in bcourse. References to the film scenes must be specific, not general, and you may use specific commentary or analysis on these films that you research, otherwise it’s materials from the assigned reading and my class discussion notes [only twice]. Remember my words cannot speak for you only support your argument.
Thesis statement
In an expository essay, the writer needs to clearly identify the thesis that they will defend with their argument throughout the essay. [15 points]
Defense of your thesis
You must defend through a rational argument using evidence to demonstrate your position. As indicated in the MIdterm prompt, all evidence and materials for your defense of the thesis must come from within what has been presented in the course. [40 points]
You must cite all quotes from textual and other sources. In this essay, citing requires source name, page number, URL, or date if from my notes. See prompt for examples. [30 points]
Grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGrammar, syntax, punctuation and spelling
Your essay needs to be properly presented, and well written. Grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling are all elements of presentation. [15 points]
Total Points: 100
All films, books, and articles mentioned in the attached documents can be used. The movies can be found on Netflix, etc., but if you need them for what you are trying to use, I can send you links, etc.
Whichever prompt you choose, you will use this book, so I am attaching a link to it.
The Pioneers:

Film studies

Let us know your impressions of the clip if you have not previously seen the film.

Lewis outlines some of the key stylistic elements of noir in the reading including low-key, high contrast lighting, exaggerated camera angles, character archetypes, and voice-over narration. Our discussion this week focuses on the aesthetics of early film noir in 1940s Classic Hollywood.
For your Initial Discussion Post due by Sunday 10/2 at 11:59pm, please respond to the following prompt below in a post of at least 300 words. You do not have to address every detail of the prompt, but your post should contribute to the discussion and not merely repeat what has already been posted by your classmates. While I encourage you to offer your personal views of the films in this Module, please refrain from unproductive summaries of story or plot and/or why a film is “good” or “bad.” Assume that everyone in the discussion group has completed the viewing assignment. I suggest that you publish your post in Word first and assume that something may go wrong in Canvas when you hit ‘Post Reply.’
For your Response Post to one classmate due by Sunday 10/2 at 11:59pm, expand the discussion by replying in 75 words or more to at least one classmate’s post. Responses may include describing your own insight related to the post, providing additional information from assigned or outside content, disagreeing respectfully by describing your own interpretation, proposing a new idea, or asking a question. I cannot give full points to posts that merely “like” another post; the response post must demonstrate substantial effort. IN ADDITION TO WRITING MY POST: (I WILL ADD A CLASSMATE’S POST HERE SO YOU CAN RESPOND BACK) FOR THE RESPONSE POST. THIS IS MY CLASSMATE’S DISCUSSION POST. (PLEASE RESPOND TO HER POST BY USING THE PROFFORS INSTRUCTIONS) CLASSMATE’S POST. (PLEASE RESPOND TO THEIR POST BY USING THE PROFFORS INSTRUCTIONS)
Classmates Post: Ethan Louie
The scene I chose to analyze happens at around 1:12:30. The shot consists of three characters lined up on the screen but in different places in the hallway. Phyllis is closest to the camera, then Walter, and finally Keyes is the furthest away. Walter is the character in the middle of the screen because he is the character who connects both Keyes and Phyllis. Another aspect of the positioning of the characters is that Walter has his back to Phyllis which may foreshadow that she will backstab him later in the film. The camera angle is at chest height. I think that the scene is interesting because of the hiding. Walter is hiding Phyllis from Keyes. This represents how throughout the story, Walter is deceiving Keyes and keeping Phyllis’ secrets protected. Noir style shows the darkness of the time period from the reading because Noir films had a very hopeless feeling to them similar to the war being fought at the time. According to the reading, Noir films portrayed characters as especially violent which is accurate of the characters in Double Indemnity.
The Noir film clip I chose was from Scarlet Street. My first impression of the clip is that it was creepy. The voices taunting the man are very unsettling. Because the room is dark and the film is in black and white the scene is even more frightening. According to Wess Haubrich, in the article called “Looking into the film noir void: Lang’s Scarlet Street (1945)”, the film was directed by director Fritz Lang and is considered to be a very dark story even by Noir standards. The movie involves jealousy, theft, and murder. According to Tim Dirks from the website’s page on the movie, the movie is a remake of a film from the early 1930s.

Your analyses should refer to course materials and reflect on how film style and history function. A post that earns full points will not merely agree with course materials, but will visually illustrate ideas in the reading. Do not forget to include embedded media (YouTube clip or images) that visualizes the example(s) in your post. Please make sure that you read all of the posts in your discussion group before posting. I cannot give full points to posts that duplicate examples or YouTube clips. Please limit your posts to no more than 400 words and 1-2 examples to give others a chance to write about key scenes/shots. I suggest that you resize your screenshots and images to ‘Large’ in the ‘Image Options.’ The ‘Image Options’ tag appears above or below an image when you click on it while editing in the Rich Content Editor. Please limit your posts to no more than 400 words and 1-2 examples to give others a chance to write about key scenes/shots. I suggest that you resize your screenshots and images to ‘Large’ in the ‘Image Options.’ The ‘Image Options’ tag appears above or below an image when you click on it while editing in the Rich Content Editor.
Please choose one shot from Double Indemnity and embed a screenshot of the shot into your post. Describe how one or more of the formal elements of the shot including: lighting, composition, cinematography, placement of characters and objects in the frame, decor, set design, and camera angles communicate something unique that story, plot, and dialogue alone do not. How does noir style show the darkness of the time period described in the reading? Please do not select a shot from the scene analyzed by Lewis in the reading that I have included on the preceding page.
In addition to your shot analysis from Double Indemnity, please embed one YouTube clip from a film from the early classical Hollywood noir period (1941-1946) that you would like to share with the class. Several examples are mentioned in the reading: Laura, Murder My Sweet, Scarlet Street, and Detour. Let us know your impressions of the clip if you have not previously seen the film. Please conduct some research about the film and provide a brief summary for your classmates about its historical or stylistic significance.
Discussion Rubric
To view the grading rubric for this discussion, click on the “more options” icon (3 vertical dots at the top) and then select “show rubric”.a red arrow pointing to 3 vertical dots
Mobile App users: Click Grades, then click into the Discussion. The rubric can then be found on the Grades tab.
Aim for excellence! These are the criteria for what comprises an “Excellent” rating for a discussion post:
Addresses each part of the discussion prompt(s).
Postings demonstrate reflective and critical thinking, not just recitation of information from textbook.
Makes connections to previous or current course content, or to real-life situations.
Contains insightful and thoughtful ideas, connections, or applications.
Makes reference to textbook or other sources when required.
Well-written and free of spelling and grammatical errors.
Includes well-written, thoughtful response(s) to classmates.

Film studies

|their successes and failures|

Describe the following about the artist:
|their training|
|their professional occupation|
|their successes and failures|
|what they have contributed to the theatre world|

Film studies

Here is the prompt for this essay:

Here is the prompt for this essay:
Identify (a) key difference(s) between the movie and the book ‘Our America’ and how the difference(s) impact the meaning of ‘Our America’? How are the meanings of the movie and book different as a result of any differences between the plots, characters, dialogue, details, etc.? Note: You may use the Ghetto Life 101 radio broadcast to inform your answer but not as a substitute for the book.
Minimum word count=750
Total points=5
The professors tips for how he wants his papers written are in the attached syllabus under:
Word count
tips on how to succeed in AMCS 392

Film studies

National theatre website link:

National Theatre website link:
National Theatre Youtube Link:
Simon McBurney Youtube Link:

Frankenstein and Curious Incident Youtube Link:

Film studies

Please answer the prompt above after watching and analyzing the movie casablanca.

Examine one of the films listed in Module 2 from M2 Censorship or M2 Classic Hollywood, and write a short (400-600 words) response focused on the question, “What is the actor’s contribution (e.g., physical action, montage, characterization)? Pay particular attention to your perception of the emotional impact of the performance and whether you believe it is the actor’s art and intuitive response or a combination of cinematic techniques (editing, juxtaposition, sound, cinematography) that creates the experience for you. Please avoid extensively summarizing the plot at the expense of analyzing the actor’s performance. You must put the word count on your essay under your name (my name is Jonathan Juliano).
You will examine the film Casablanca (1942) {Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart), who owns a nightclub in Casablanca, discovers his old flame Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) is in town with her husband, Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid). Laszlo is a famed rebel, and with Germans on his tail, Ilsa knows Rick can help them get out of the country.}
Please answer the prompt above after watching and analyzing the movie Casablanca. Refer to the attached rubric for further guidance.

Film studies

Hello there,

Hello there,
Please follow the prompt carefully and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.

Film studies

How is it associated with character, events, objects, or other cinematic techniques (e.g., camera movement)?

Research question/topic of essay:
Find a repeated sound technique or motif (except musical). How is it associated with character, events, objects, or other cinematic techniques (e.g., camera movement)? What does this association have to do with character psychology, the plot, or the theme(s) of the film? (Write no more than 500 words.)
the introduction should not be very long, it should contain the main info about the film and then get straight to the point of the research question and what the essay will mainly focus on.
it is very important for The timings to be included. Any point made should have a specific time from the film to back it up.
a title that matches the topic of the essay
reports about musical motifs consistently fall into the trap of indicating the presence of the music without using the vocabulary of sound to describe its sonic character. If you insist on writing about music, you must speak to the professor first.
Common conventions when writing about film:
When mentioning a scene, indicate in parentheses the time code for the start of the scene or moment under discussion. For example, “When we first see Lucy in the office (3:20), she is wearing a gray blouse and skirt.” Please note that reference to a time code is NOT a substitute for accurate, detailed, and vivid descriiption.
Italicize or underline film titles—no quotation marks or bold.
Refer to characters by the character’s name, not the actor’s name (see above for a list).
Use the literary present tense when describing events in the fictional world: “Literary works, paintings, films, and other artistic creations are assumed to exist in an eternal present. Therefore, when you write about writers or artists as they express themselves in their work, use the present tense.” Vanderbilt Writing Studio. (For more information on the literary present tense, see this helpful guide.)
Example of the literary present: “In a scene early in the film, Lucy and Mitch meet Kyle at a restaurant, where Kyle quickly acquaints himself with Lucy.”

Other things to keep in mind:
Put your name and the date on the essay, and give the essay a title that reflects your claim.
Number your pages. Include a word count at the end. Double-spaced, 12-point font. 1-inch (2.5 centimeters) margins on all sides. Indent your paragraphs, rather than adding extra lines between paragraphs.
you should construct your body paragraphs in the following way:
1. Setting the (emotional tone of the) scene
2. Describe what you see (or hear)
3. Explain the connection between #1 and #2
If we were to write a paragraph about sound, what would it look like? Let’s take an example from a film we have seen:

Film studies

Analyze and then reflect on the reading “immersion vs. interactivity: virtual reality & literary theory by marie-laure ryan”

Analyze and then reflect on the reading “Immersion vs. Interactivity: Virtual Reality & Literary Theory by Marie-Laure Ryan”

Film studies

Leading 21st-century schools – harnessing technology for engagement and achievement (2nd ed.).

The reflections can be about what you found new, intriguing, puzzling, etcetera, for the assigned reading in the textbook, assigned videos, and assigned articles. The journal reflections can also be about what you found interesting in some of the classmate’s “post” comments, and any additional suggested sources (URLs, books, articles) related to the topic(s) covered in a module.
Book: Schrum, L., & Levin, B. (2015). Leading 21st-century schools – Harnessing technology for engagement and achievement (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.