Healthcare and Nursing

Use apa format and appropriate language and knowledge from healthcare.

This is an Assignment from School in Toronto Canada. When doing the assignment, please use information from this geographic area. Follow the instruction from the instruction sheet, each required categories needed to be completed, and use appropriate title for each slide to make it clear for prof to read. This is an Nursing Occupational Health class, all information has to be related to Occupational Health. Use APA format and appropriate language and knowledge from healthcare.

Career Development

Hi i uploaded a photo of the instructions and she wants us to use at least one source from the ecpi book that i will upload as well.

hi i uploaded a photo of the instructions and she wants us to use at least one source from the ecpi book that i will upload as well.

Healthcare and Nursing

Turnitin (check for plagiarism): less than 15% match.

Instructions: Read the case titled “Massachusetts General Hospital’s Pre-Admission Testing Area” by McCarty, Gallien, and Levi (2012). Analyze the case study by completing the following areas:
Case summary
Errors/Issues – discuss the errors, and/or issues that occurred
Based upon the issues with the PATA department:
Discuss operations research methods employed by the hospital. Where these the correct methods to use? Explain.
If you were the medical director for the hospital, how would you approach the issue? What would be your recommendations/action plan?
For your recommendations/action plan be sure to include: What action will take place, Who will be in charge of implementing the recommendations, the timeline for implementing the recommendations, and the resources needed for implementation.
Requirements: Provide a detailed case analysis using APA format-title page, references and in-text citations. Submit the assignment in Canvas as a Word document.
Length requirement: minimum 500 words. This does not include the title page and reference list.
TurnItIn (check for plagiarism): Less than 15% match.


Define levels of uncertainty.

File attached on the product that needs to be identified in a risk analysis. below are the steps on what the paper needs to be filled in.
1. Identify the risks. Make a list of potential risks that you could encounter as a result of the course of action you are considering. …
2. Define levels of uncertainty. …
3. Estimate the impact of uncertainty. …
4. Complete the risk analysis model. …
5. Analyze the results. …
6. Implement the solution.


The harpercollins study bible: student edition (revised edition; san francisco: harper-collins, 2006).

Use the study Bible below. I have also uploaded the textual comparison document you’ll need to use for each comparison.
Attridge, Harold W. et al. (eds.) The HarperCollins Study Bible: Student Edition (Revised Edition; San Francisco: Harper-Collins, 2006).
Textual Comparison Directions below. I have also uploaded the textual comparison document. Please use it for each of the 5 Textual comparisons. Also have uploaded an example of textual comparison.
Textual Comparisons (5×20 points each, due 10/6, 10/9, 10/13; 10/20, and 10/27, respectively) One of the most effective ways to analyze a text is to directly compare it to other texts, so we will practice this throughout the course. For each comparison, you will have time in class to begin work on them independently or in pairs, then we will discuss them as a class, and afterwards you will write up your own conclusions based on the discussions, due by the end of the next day. This gives you the opportunity to apply the concepts explored in class and dig deeper into the texts for yourselves. Each textual comparison must include the following elements: 1. What is the main point of each passage in context? In at least 2 sentences each, explain the immediate literary context of each text, and the main point of each within those contexts. 2. What are the most important similarities and differences between the texts? List at least six similarities and six differences. Be as specific as you can, focus on concrete details rather than abstractions, and include verse numbers for as many details as possible. 3. How could you explain why these texts share such similarities and differences? Are they independent, or does one draw from the other? In what ways do they complement one another, or stand in tension? Can they be harmonized? Why or why not? Answer in at least 10 sentences. A completed example is provided on the last page of the syllabus, and blank forms and a detailed rubric will be provided through Blackboard. Each comparison will be started in
class, then you must finalize and submit them by the end of the following day, through SafeAssign on Blackboard, which checks for plagiarism

Journalism, mass media and communication

The largest social media network in the world with a user population of nearly 4 billion, is facebook, which was founded in 2004.

The largest social media network in the world with a user population of nearly 4 billion, is Facebook, which was founded in 2004. It is used by businesses, nonprofits, religious organizations, charitable institutions, game-makers, government agencies, researchers, families and friends, and entrepreneurs. Many of you may be Facebook members. And of course, there are the most popular networks/sites: Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Tumblr, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest, to name a few.
However, many working professionals today belong to one or more social media professional networks. The oldest site, started back in 2002, is LinkedIn. Other professional networks include Meetup, Xing, Bark, Opportunity, Jobcase, Lunchmeet, Reddit, Twitter Threads, community forums (usually managed by a professional association), Slack, Facebook Groups, and Sumry.
Please write a critique/analyze paper on Reddit, evaluating the social media site according to:
o Searchability
o Aesthetics and Visual Impact
o Navigation
o Content Quality
o Usability (ease of use)
o Organizational Information (about us, contact information)
o Other observations (background, when it was launched, user population, data analytics, etc.)
Instructions: use text narrative and references. You may use screen shots, tables, and figures in your critique. Use APA format for all citations and references.

Business and Management

This is a graded discussion: 80 points possible

Discussion Thread: Personal Application
This is a graded discussion: 80 points possible
due Oct 13
11 unread reply.11 reply.
Thread Prompt:
Review the previous five Discussions throughout this term and identify an issue of particular relevance and applicability to your own area of practice (either current or aspirational). In this thread, explain how you will approach this issue, including the perspectives of ethics, law, and Biblical worldview we have studied this term.
Review the Discussion Assignment InstructionsDownload Discussion Assignment Instructions. You may also click the three dots in the upper corner to Show Rubric.
Post-First: This course utilizes the Post-First feature in all Discussions. This means you will only be able to read and interact with your classmates’ threads after you have submitted your thread in response to the provided promptly. be attentive to both instructions, especially the rubric follow the criteria only for the Discussion part, at the advanced level for 35pts
Submit your thread by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday of Module 8: Week 8.

Health sciences and medicine

Answer the following questions.

Answer the following questions.
Look through the HIV/AIDS surveillance statistics in the United StatesDownload HIV/AIDS surveillance statistics in the United States from the CDC.
Use the slides to explain how each of the following variables affects the rate of HIV/AIDS infection: (use the specific data to explain trends and/or patterns)
Transmission Category – Male
Transmission Category – Female
States with high HIV/AIDS rates
Age ranges of people living with HIV/AIDS
Look through the world-wide HIV/AIDS surveillanceDownload world-wide HIV/AIDS surveillance from UNAIDS.
Use the slides to describe geographic differences in HIV/AIDS rates around world. Also compare the world-wide gender data of HIV/AIDS cases to the United States gender data of HIV/AIDS cases. Why do think there is such as significant difference in gender data?
Conduct some research on current treatments used for people who are diagnosed with HIV to prevent them from developing AIDS. Also discuss how PREP works and how it can be used for HIV negative patients who at a high risk of contracting HIV.
The assignment must answer all sections.
Include references in APA format.
This assignment will be checked for plagiarism by TurnItIn. It must have less than a 20% match in order to be graded.
Submit assignment through Canvas as a word document.
Scoring Rubric (100 Points):
Explanation of USA HIV/AIDS data (40 points)
Explanation of World-wide HIV/AIDS data (25 points)
Explanation of HIV Treatments (25 points)
Reference in APA format for both articles (10 points)

Computer sciences and Information technology

Comments on at least two different individuals’ posts

Read this prompt and do your research.
1. Take inventory of possible security threats to which your home devices may be exposed. List them and discuss their potential effects and what you plan to do about them.
2. Write a response to report your findings. Discuss if you gain any knowledge from conducting this research.
3. Comments on at least two different individuals’ posts

Business and Management

In particular, please discuss:

Dear writer – on the fie attached (7 examples of digital transformation) please read the Customer Experience Gap (MacDonald’s) and write the case study. Your case study will tell the story of the company you selected. I would like you to compare it to the Transformative Business Model in HBR, p. 15-28 (also attached).
In particular, please discuss:
1. What is the case about? (Background story of the company)
2. What were the major issues and perceived barriers to success? (Challenges they had to overcome)
3. What strategies or approaches were employed and were they successful? (examples of transformative leadership to overcome the challenges and re-invent themselves)
4. How did this compare to the Transformative Business Model presented by Kavadias et. al. in the HBR readings?
5. What lessons did you learn from this case about digital transformative leadership?
6. What is your personal assessment of the approach taken by the company leaders in your case study as well as the transformative business model approach promoted in HBR?