Journalism, Media Studies and Communication


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Length: 2 – 3 pages (use MLA or APA styles – Review in syllabus writing guidelines)

This assignment is designed to give you an opportunity to reflect on your own experience and research on how it has been impacted by technological change and innovation. It`s important to include historical background information that is properly researched and cited rather than make a lot of assumptions about digital media. It`s important to consider an experience of your own, your peers, your family, etc. relating to digital media and to put it into context of an event that had an impact beyond one community or circle.
Upload through Canvas as a "PDF"
Points deducted for late assignment.
Note: Please add a line or two about your skills, interests below your references/bibliography – this is for my future reference, as I get approached by employers looking for interns or jobseekers.
Select a new media event or digital experience that you remember or that had a major impact on you.
Discuss this event with your family (dinner conversation) or with friends.
Analysis (40)
What specific impact did this event or experience have on you? Did it change your life in an important way? How?
Future (30)
What do you believe the future impact of this product/event/experience will be? On you? On your family and community? On your industry? On the world and its cultures? Do some research and look into your crystal ball!
Detailed Explanation (40)
Provide a well-developed explanation of the event or the experience. There needs to be details. (Date, where it was, the environment, etc). Please develop this – it is the story-telling part of your paper.
Research (40)
Provide background information on the actual product or the event. Example – If you give an example of a device that you`ve purchased, discuss the circumstances surrounding your selection and what the marketplace offered at that time. It`s important to tie your experience to a technology development or event. This needs to be well developed and thought out.
Writing Style (40)
Is writing clear and concise? Are you using the proper terms? Are your paragraphs well developed? Does your story flow from beginning to end? Would you want to read it?
References (10) Look for current, but also earlier news about your topic. Find some old articles from when the product or service was first launched. Maybe some technology analysis. Maybe some popular analysis. But make sure your sources are good ones.

Lastname_Firstname_Topic Title (for example: Digital Cinema) _9.26.21
5 points will be deducted for improper filenames!
********* NO KIDDING ********

Document Headings (MLA or APA)
Top Heading, top of first page, left-hand side:
Lastname, Firstname
(AM section or PM Section)
Your specific topic – i.e. Digital Cinema or Drones in Media or VR Storytelling
First Digital Experience Paper

Title of Paper
Place a centered topic title to the top of your paper, after the
heading and above your content
i.e. Tamagotchi: First Digital Experience
“YouTube” TOS

Use an appropriate style: APA or MLA for citations
Preferred format is PDF ask for help to convert to PDF format. All papers must have your name, the Class and section, the date, the name of the assignment/title of the paper and a proper filename that includes your last and first name, assignment and date.

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